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IEEE 1613 Standard

IEEE 1613 is an industry standard for communications networking devices in electric power substations. It specifies ratings, environmental performance requirements and testing requirements for communications networking devices installed in electric power substations.

Within the standard, two classes of devices are defined, based on the outcome of a specific set of potentially destructive EMI type tests (EMI stress) designed to simulate EMI phenomena in the substation. These type tests are derived from the same type tests applied to mission critical protective relaying devices (i.e. C37.90.)

Class 1 — These devices are allowed to experience data errors, loss, or delays when exposed to EMI stress.

Class 2 — These devices must provide error-free (i.e. no data errors, delays or loss) operation when exposed to EMI stress.

Neither class of device must experience any permanent damage under EMI stress.

RuggedCom’s RuggedSwitch family of rugged Ethernet switches with Zero Packet Loss™ technology qualifies as IEEE 1613 Class 2 Error-Free devices (i.e. RuggedSwitch RSG2200, RSG2100, RS1600F, RS1600, RS8000, RS500) putting these products in a class of their own.