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Industrial Applications

Rugged Communications
for Harsh Environments

High-Density Backbone Network


Secure wireless communications for voice and data services in oil and gas operations

Engineered to operate in harsh, potentially explosive environments, RuggedCom products provide high speed communications networks for mission critical operations.

With a secure high speed communications network based on RuggedMAX, voice, video and high speed data communications can be added to remote operations in real time.The network is always on, regardless of weather or high seas.

Real-Time Video, Voice and Data Communications

With RuggedMAX™ build a wireless communications network that provides the bandwidth and low latency for:

  • Real-time information and decision making with support for control and monitoring of drilling or production operations
  • Improve physical safety and security of staff and assets – RuggedMAX™ provides the bandwidth and low latency needed for video surveillance of remote operations
  • Continuously monitor unmanned or manned rigs, pipelines and other assets, on land or sea. Video links can be added to improve worker safety or protect key assets in dangerous regions
    Operate WiFi hotspots at remote operations so staff can access the Internet to work and to stay in touch with family and friends
  • Shared wireless infrastructure accross the organization: Segregate the wireless network using VLANs to offer separate, private networks to all interested parties (for example the oil company, the service company and the drilling contractor can all operate separate private networks over the same wireless network)
  • Support fixed and nomadic operations
  • Provide multiple voice lines – crystal-clear voice over IP with no delays
  • Reduce man-power costs – reduce on-rig personnel and advance collaboration between remote and central staff
  • Reduce staff travel time by providing job details remotely with remote database access, Automatic Vehicle Location