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Backbone Network

High-Density Backbone Network


RuggedBackbone™ Multiservice Platform RX5000 layer-3 Switch and Gigabit router is a unique solution to the needs of a high-density wayside backbone network. With hot-swappable modular construction, the RX5000 can accommodate various interfaces and fiber-optic modules to provide secure access to a wide range of legacy and Ethernet devices.

Each RX5000 unit can provide up to 96 ports for access to a large installed base of network elements. Modular construction allows for optimal equipment configuration, such that local network hosts can be connected over low-cost copper links and remote devices can communicate over fiber optic links up to 90km distances.

RuggedCom RSG2288 is the perfect Master Clock platform, with SNTP, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol, and IRIG-B time code conversions.


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RuggedCom equipment demonstrates industry-leading field MTBF of over 1 million hours, and are backed by a standard 5-year warranty.