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Ethernet Network

On-board Ethernet Network


On-board Ethernet network reduces the cost of train cabling and the need for train lines. It allows for additions and expansions to the network with minimal physical modifications to the train. It offers easy access to existing systems such as door control and driver’s display, as well as expansions such as Positive Train Control, Communication-Based Train Control, fare collection devices and CCTV security cameras.

Robust Ethernet links over coupler pins can be achieved through the use of Ethernet over VDSL connections with maximum bandwidth of 35 Mbps on two pins per interface, reducing the need for additional connectors. RuggedCom offers a variety of switches and routers with EoVDSL links that can provide network access over train couplers.

Extreme EMC, EMI, temperature and vibration ratings, as well as a completely adaptable chassis make the RuggedBackbone™ RX1500 a perfectly suitable backbone for a high-performance on-board Ethernet network. Additional modules and proprietary interface can be developed upon request to accommodate existing interfaces such as serial, CAN, or MVB.


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RuggedCom equipment demonstrates industry-leading field MTBF of over 1 million hours, and are backed by a standard 5-year warranty.