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PTP Card


RuggedRouter® PTP Card

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Accurate Network
Time Synchronization using NTP, GPS,
and / or IEEE 1588

Rugged Rated

Datasheet/ Software

Learn more about the New ROX™ Firmware Release

Product Features & Specs

Overall Features

  • Optional card for the RuggedRouter®
  • Supports NTP, IEEE 1588 time synchronization simultaneously
  • Accuracy:
    ± 1ms – NTP
    ± 100ns – IEEE 1588
    ± 100us – GPS (IRIG-B)
  • RuggedRated™ reliability and protection
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature

NTP Features

  • Supports NTP/SNTP (RFC1305/RFC2030)
  • NTP Server and NTP Client
  • Stratum “1” NTP server

GPS Input

  • GPS receiver for global time reference input
  • NEMA 0183 protocol compatible
  • Frequency stability: 0.5ppm
  • PPS accuracy: +/- 1us
  • 50 ohm BNC female connector RF input with remote antenna suitable for low-loss coaxial cable
  • Support active antenna with +5V DC power feed

IRIG-B Outputs

  • User selectable outputs:
    Two IRIG-B unmodulated (TTL) or PPS
    IRIG-B modulated (AM)
  • Supports TTL levels PWM output (Format B002, B003), 50 ohm BNC female connector
  • Supports 1kHz AM output (Format B122, B123), 6Vp-p, ratio 3:1 ± 10%, 600 ohm BNC female connector

IEEE 1588 Support

  • IEEE STD 1588-2002 compliant.
  • One 10/100BaseTX IEEE 1588 master or slave port RJ45 Ethernet interface.
    • Auto negotiating and auto-crossover
    • Hardware-assist time-stamping and clock synchronization
  • Provides Grandmaster clock source (GPS timing source)
  • 100ns time accuracy


  • Order as part of the RuggedRouter® RX1000/RX1100 order code


*PTP card is compliant to IEEE 1588v1 and is not compatible with IEEE 1588v2