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Substation Automation,
Network Management
& Device Management

Substation Automation Software

Secure, Managed Substation Data Access and Integration


Secure Access Management Secure Access Management

CrossBow™ is a proven Secure Access Management solution designed to provide NERC CIP compliant access to Intelligent Electronic Devices. The CrossBow solution focuses on delivering productivity gains for administrators and users while achieving full NERC compliance in managing, securing and reporting on remote access.

Modular Linux-based Servers

eLAN™ is a modular, Linux-based substation server and front-end processor that excels at accessing all types of IED data, and getting it to the clients that require it. Users can select any of the wide range of eLAN™ applications, including 40+ protocols.

ReflexSecure Access Management

Reflex™ is a monitoring and control application purpose built for distribution networks, allowing the creation of systems that cover the spectrum from single user HMI to mobile distribution management to enterprise level SCADA.

Network Management Software


RuggedNMS Secure Access Management

RuggedNMS™ is fully-featured enterprise grade network management software based on the OpenNMS platform. Specifically for the rugged communications industry, RuggedNMS™ provides a comprehensive platform for monitoring, configuring, and maintaining mission-critical IP-based communications networks, such as those found in substation automation and “Smart Grids” for electric utilities, intelligent transportation systems, and advanced control and automation for industrial processes.

Device Management Software


RuggedExplorer RuggedExplorer

RuggedExplorer™ is RuggedCom’s powerful tool to easily provision and configure new and existing ROS® based devices. RuggedExplorer™ can run on any LAN based MS Windows PC eliminating the need to connect a serial cable to any of the devices. Its built-in file transfer capabilities allow users to easily upload and download files and firmware from one convenient console.

RuggedPing RuggedExplorer

RuggedPing™ is RuggedCom’s new high accuracy graphical ping tool. This handy utility can send ICMP echo message and process incoming responses with a granularity of 1ms. Network administrators will be able to perform RSTP performance testing, ping sweeps to automatically discovery devices and capture outage durations for devices with RuggedPing™.

RuggedDirector RuggedExplorer

RuggedDirector™ is RuggedCom’s new serial port director application that allows customers to save time and cost by providing legacy serial devices and applications the benefit of network communications without modification to hardware or software.